With the rapid increase and improvement of mobile phone cameras and numerous options of DSLRs available to choose from, it seems like the point and shoot camera no longer fits in anywhere. However, the opposite is true. The point and shoot fits in both where the DSLR becomes too bulky and heavy to shoot from and where the smartphone cam fails to provide the picture quality, versatility, and control that you need. So an advanced point and shoot camera is actually a great choice for anybody. Most point and shoot cameras provide a lightweight and compact form factor with a versatile zoom lens and advanced imaging capabilities, making it perfect for everyday shooting, travel, and sometimes even for professional photography.

How to Choose a Point and Shoot Camera

Zoom Lens or Fixed Lens

The essential question to ask yourself here is whether you’re after a camera that offers more in flexibility and versatility or the most advanced image quality a point and shoot can provide. With a zoom lens camera you get greater flexibility and the ability to change your frame of view and zoom into your subject from far distances. However, with a zoom lens you might be compromising on image quality. For stunning image quality, choose a point and shoot that features fixed optics. Fixed lens cameras are designed in a finely tuned manner pairing the lens perfectly with the sensor to ensure better quality in every shot.

Size and Weight

Point and shoot cameras can be slim and light to the point that you won’t even know you’ve got them with you. For travel, parties, vacation, and everyday use this is a great advantage. But the size and weight of point and shoots come in various degrees. Compact point and shoot cameras that are larger usually offer the best image quality and most advanced feature set. So if you’re looking for a camera that provides more than just a little better quality than your smartphone, you might have to go with a slightly larger model, but the stunning detail and clarity in your shots will have it paid off.

Connectivity Options

With smartphones constantly connected to the internet and most DSLRs offering advanced connectivity options, pictures taken with these cameras can easily get onto any social media platform you like. The good news is that point and shoot cameras also allow you to throw your favorite shots up on Facebook or Instagram quickly and easily. Keep in mind the quality of the connection a camera offers if it is important to you. Wi-Fi is the standard connection which works well but could get slow in crowded places. With NFC you get much faster connectivity and ease of use making it the best option. Cameras that feature Bluetooth will make it easy to transfer data to your phone.

Special Features

Advanced point and shoot cameras may offer special features that can perfectly match your needs. A camera with an electronic viewfinder (EVF) allows you to look into a viewfinder the same way you would in a larger professional camera. Tilt and swivel screens on a camera make it perfect for creative photography. Waterproof and weather proof point and shoots provide the rugged durability and toughness you need when shooting outdoors and on adventures.