Photo Savings Affiliate program

At Photo Savings, our relationship with you doesn't end at the point of sale. Our approach is always one of seeking mutually beneficial interactions. That is why we offer the highest quality products and service at the lowest prices possible. 

 In continuation of that proud tradition we present our affiliates program. Word-of- mouth has always been the best marketing tool and who is more qualified to spread the word than you are? 

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We offer you a partnership opportunity in which you can earn money by doing what you would be doing anyway- telling others about our wide array of top selling products and our expert customer service.

Whether you have a knack for writing, video making, social media, music, or your own unique skills, there are endless ways for you to creatively use your resources to introduce our products to the public. 

We offer a generous 4% commission on the sale of any item to a customer that you bring to our store. As the average product in our store costs hundreds of dollars, this is a big opportunity to earn significant money without having to leave your home. 

Unlike some other popular affiliate programs that only attribute a sale to your link for a 24 hour period, we use a 30 day cookie that attributes the sale to your link for the whole 30 days giving you a much higher chance to earn.

photo savings affiliate program

Write your blog, make an unboxing video, post of Facebook or Instagram, or send emails to friends and contacts with your affiliate link and start seeing money pouring on autopilot.

It costs nothing to sign up and start today. What do you have to lose?

We use Refersion, a third party company, to monitor and administer our affiliate program and ensure that you get every penny that comes from your efforts. After you register, you will get access to your own dashboard where you can monitor your affiliate account. 


 Click Here to become a partner today and start earning.

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Terms and conditions:

1. commission on sale is of the listed price and in the case of the usage of a discount code, 4% of the discounted price not including taxes and shipping costs.

2. Payments of commission will be made as soon as possible following the elapse of the return period. As per our return policy, we accept returns during a 30 day period. Therefore, payment will be made the after the expiration of this period or in the case of a weekend or holiday, the first day possible.

3. Refersion's program attributes a commission to the affiliate link last click in a case where a customer clicked multiple links before purchasing. Please check Refersion's FAQ page for more information.