Things To Consider Before Buying A DSLR

Although it is common knowledge that a DSLR is the most capable and advanced type of camera available to find in the world of camera design, it often gets confusing to know which one is right for you. With a wide array of DSLRs on the market, there are options for everyone, including beginners, enthusiasts, and professional photographers. If you know what you are looking for the task becomes really simple. This article explains what you need to know when you choose your DSLR camera.

Which DSLR is Best Suited for You?

Of course this depends on what kind of photographer you are. You should take into account the size and weight of the camera, connectivity options, and video features depending on your needs. Looking at how big the image sensor in a camera is, will also help you narrow down the choice. The general rule is that a bigger sensor results in better image quality. The APS-C sized sensor found in entry- and mid-level DSLRs captures sharp and detailed images plus offers a “crop factor” of about 1.5X which is a great advantage when shooting sports or wildlife. Full-frame sensors in pro-level DSLRs have a superior light-gathering ability and provide even sharper and more professional-looking images that don’t lose quality when cropped or enlarged.


Things To Consider Before Buying A DSLR


Entry-Level DSLRs

 If you’re new to the game and want to start shooting professional shots with ease you will want to consider an entry-level DSLR camera. Models like the Nikon D3400 or D5600, or Canon EOS Rebel T6, T7i, or SL2 all provide a user-friendly option without sacrificing on image quality. With intuitive menus and simple auto shooting modes, an entry-level DSLR ensures that you don’t get frustrated as you’re learning, plus leaves room for creativity with plenty of manual settings as well.

Best DSLR to Buy for Beginners

Mid-Level DSLRs

Intermediate DSLR users looking for a camera that offers more controls, faster performance, and more accurate focus, might want to consider a semi-pro DSLR. For advanced enthusiasts like you, the Nikon D7500 or the Canon EOS 80D are both great options.

How to Choose a DSLR Camera

Pro-Level DSLRs

Considering a professional-level DSLR means that you will get a camera with a price tag, but a camera that will provide top-notch performance in every aspect. With a camera like the Nikon D750, D500, D850 or D810, and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, 6D, EOS 5DS and 5DS R, you know that every shot will render outstanding results. Additionally, these cameras are capable of capturing professional-quality video and with their full-frame sensor produce pleasingly blurred backgrounds.