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Don't tell anyone, but – vinyl is making a comeback! That might be the world's worst kept secret, because CD sales have been falling at a rate 3 times faster than vinyl's growth. And we know that's not 100% due to nostalgia, because most buyers of vinyl records are under 25 years old. Perhaps it's because there's just something visceral about holding an album in your hands, admiring the artwork, and reading the liner notes. Not to mention the tactile experience of placing an LP on the platter and gently setting the tone arm on a groove. Snap, pop – bliss!

PhotoSavings has partnered with Audio-Technica to bring this sublime experience right to your door by offering a wide selection of high-quality turntables, cartridges, styluses, and other accessories. We have Belt Drive, Direct Drive – even a Fully-Automatic and Wireless Bluetooth model. So choose your favorite, place your order, and get your groove on today with PhotoSavings!

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