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Studio Monitors

Great mixes are all about accuracy. Not just in applying the right EQ, effects and levels – accuracy in producing an overall sound that will translate well on just about any playback system. All too often recordists will believe that they've achieved the perfect mix, only to find out there's not enough bass, or the mids are too harsh when listening to that very same mix on their iPod or their friend's home stereo system. The only way to know for sure that what you've captured is the absolute truth is by listening with a professional set of studio reference monitors. Well you're in luck, because PhotoSavings has a wide selection across all price points on hand, ready to ship right to your door!

All brands and models of studio monitors that we carry are self-powered (active), meaning you won't need to buy an external power amplifier. This also means that you can count on your monitors being powered by an amp that is ideally matched for wattage, as well as for minimal distortion. More importantly, all of our studio reference monitors are highly accurate. What you hear is what you get – the absolute truth. We've even bundled some of our most popular monitors with a variety of useful accessories – once again proving that when it comes to studio monitors, as with everything else we carry – there's no reason to shop anywhere else!

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