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PA Speakers

Some people think there haven't been many advances made in loudspeaker design since 1925, when the first dynamic raw frame (sans cabinet) speaker was invented. After all, this very basic design consisted of a metal frame, a magnet, a paper cone, and a copper wire voice coil. And while this is still how the vast majority of raw frame speakers in use today are manufactured, advances in construction and electronics have positioned modern PA Speakers worlds ahead of their more primitive ancestors.

Today's PA Speakers might have cabinets constructed of wood or lightweight, high-impact plastic. They might be passive, requiring an external power amplifier – or they might be active with their own amplifier built right in. Some even feature DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for advanced EQ, feedback suppression, or output limiting for speaker protection. And then there are those that might include all of the above, as well as a rechargeable battery for portability, Bluetooth capability, and/or a wireless microphone receiver.

If you're wondering how to best narrow down your choices and find the ideal speaker for your particular application, you've come to the right place – because PhotoSavings has already done the research for you! Below you'll find our best choices from every type of speaker available today. Simply scroll down and you're bound to find a PA Speaker with all of the features you'll want or need, and at a price that fits your budget!

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