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Audio Software

Audio Software. If a computer is the heart of the modern-day recording studio, software is its life blood. Virtually every professional recording studio uses some type of software – and more likely, lots of it! Whether it's for recording organic sources such as acoustic instruments and vocals; creating orchestral music with a VST workstation; triggering drum samples or generating rhythms via prerecorded loops; replacing expensive and bulky recording consoles and vintage outboard gear with their virtual counterparts; doing post-production for film or video; or creating complex musical charts – there is a piece of software designed for every musical need.

Want to emulate your favorite guitar amplifiers or vintage synthesizers? No problem. Need to clean up the pops, hiss and scratches from an old recording? Done. Perhaps you cut a near perfect vocal track, but wish that you could fix a few flat notes without having to re-record. We've got you covered. In fact, with nearly 500 titles available for immediate download – PhotoSavings is uniquely positioned to help you outfit your entire dream studio today!

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