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Recording Mixers

Recording Mixers are closely aligned with Live Sound Mixers inasmuch as they both generally feature multiple input channels, subgroups, master faders, and stereo outputs. The differences become apparent when the need for multiple monitor mixes are required for live performance; or when a signal needs to be output digitally via USB or Firewire to an external recording device.

There are currently many different types of recording mixers available on today’s market, serving a wide variety of applications. At their most basic, Line Mixers will allow you to mix anywhere from four to sixteen stereo line-level input signals to a stereo output. But while some of these handy devices will also allow you to split one stereo mix to multiple stereo outputs with independent level controls, there is no EQ (tone control) or onboard effects capability.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a wide variety of Digital Mixers; some of which provide up to 40 inputs, near limitless routing options, onboard DSP (Digital Sound Processing), motorized faders, recallable settings, etc. And then you have everything else in between, including analog and digital designs with various amounts of inputs and processing.

Regardless of your application or budget, PhotoSavings has the right recording mixer in stock or on its way to our vast warehouse. We also have an incredible inventory of Computer Interfaces, Audio Software, Microphones, Cables, Stands, and every other accessory item you could possibly want or need to complete your ideal recording system. Simply order online and we’ll ship everything right to your door!

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