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Portable Digital Recorders

Back in the early days of recording, portability wasn't even a consideration. Prior to the invention of magnetic tape recorders, most recording was done by "cutting" a wax or acetate disk on a rotating platter driven by a heavy motor. There were other methods in use at the time, but none were more convenient or portable. Even with the advent of tape recorders in the 1930s, the required machinery was bulky and heavy, since it was designed for use in a stationary recording studio.

Portability didn't really come into the realm of recording until smaller reel-to-reel tape recorders and subsequently, cassette tape recorders were produced. But while this certainly made mobile recording more convenient, all recording was still done in the analog domain. As such, recordings often exhibited high frequency loss, as well as undesirable artifacts such as hiss, wow and flutter. Not to mention that recording tape was also susceptible to stretching, breaking, and shedding.

Fast forward to modern times – most Portable Digital Recorders now weigh mere ounces, can operate on battery power, exhibit no audible loss or undesirable artifacts, and are extremely reliable. Some can even multi-track! Given the proliferation of similar devices on today's market, PhotoSavings has conducted exhaustive research to ensure that we offer only the best of the best Portable Digital Recorders available. We've also created value-added bundles featuring all of the most popular "necessories" like microphones, cables, stands, headphones, memory cards, batteries, adapters, etc. Just place your order right here, right now and we'll ship them right to your door!

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