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Guitar Effects/Pedals

When it comes to electric or bass guitar tones, there's really only so much you can affect by adjusting controls on the instrument itself or even on the amplifier. True, most guitar amplifiers come with a built-in reverb. Some even provide a variety of basic digital effects. But for the vast majority of guitarists or bassists, the most profound and inspirational tonal changes are achieved via use of an outboard effects pedal. More likely MANY effects pedals interconnected on a self-powered pedalboard; or perhaps just one multi-effects pedal.

Guitar effects can be categorized into about a half dozen major categories, including gain-based effects like Distortion or Overdrive, Dynamics effects like Compression or Noise Gate, Pitch and Modulation effects for Chorus or Flanging, Spatial effects like Reverb or Delay (echo), the classic Wah Wah pedal (which sounds a lot like it's pronounced), Pitch Shifting pedals for harmony or transposition, and Multi-Effects pedals that encompass some or all of the effects listed above in one compact, programmable unit.

But even those musicians who are budget-conscious can begin broadening their tonal palette immediately by adding just one inexpensive effects pedal, then expanding from there as their creativity demands and their budget allows. PhotoSavings has a wide variety of guitar and bass effects in stock, as well as all of the accessories you'll need to organize and interconnect your ideal effects configuration. So you can buy with confidence and rest assured that we'll be right there with you every step of the way!

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