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Electric Guitars

The term “electric guitar” instantly invokes images of long-haired rockers whipping a stadium filled with thousands of fans into a high-decibel frenzy. Well, that is certainly one aspect of what you can do with it! But electric guitars are much more versatile than what the above-mentioned scenario would have you believe. See, before the Rock ‘n’ Roll era, you had Blues. And Jazz. And Country. And Big Band. And believe it or not, all of these genres featured electric guitars. But while the earliest versions of electric guitars featured only one primitive pickup and no tone control, modern-era models feature many different pickup types and configurations, as well as specialized switching options and tone controls that also help generate different sounds. So now – after more than a century of evolution – PhotoSavings proudly presents to you the widest selection of electric guitars and guitar accessories available anywhere, all at the lowest possible prices!

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