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Earphones, In-Ear Monitors

The single greatest advantage to Earphones as opposed to On Ear or Over Ear Headphones is portability. Virtually any pair of earphones can fit in anyone's carry space, e.g. pocket, handbag, glove box, etc. Having said that, there are sacrifices to be made in the areas of sound quality, noise rejection, and possibly comfort. Let's face it, some folks don't like sticking things in their ears. And the chances that a stock pair of earphones will fit everyone perfectly and seal off outside noise effectively are slim. However, earphones (or In-Ear Monitors, as they are known in the Live Sound industry) are unintrusive and they'll go wherever you go with minimal fuss.
Whether you're a casual listener at home or on the go, or doing more critical listening in the recording studio – PhotoSavings has the ideal headphones in stock and ready to ship right to your door!

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