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Drums & Accessories

Rhythm is the driving force behind virtually any genre of music. From the laid-back drum beats of Jazz; to the complex rhythms of Latin music; to the full frontal assault of Rock 'n' Roll – it's the drummer who sets the groove, creates the mood, and gets people out on the dance floor. Sometimes all it takes is the thump of a bass drum; the snap of a snare; the sizzling rhythm of a hi-hat; and an occasional tom-tom fill followed by the crash of a cymbal to turn a mediocre song into a memorable hit.

Are you an old-school drummer who prefers to play on a traditional acoustic kit? Perhaps you have concerns about your volume when practicing at home or performing in small venues. An electronic kit would give you the ability to control your overall volume when performing and allow you to use headphones when practicing. Or maybe you don't actually "play" drums at all, but want to create your own rhythms for recording or live performance using a drum machine or your pad controller and drum emulation software.

Here's where you'll find a wide selection of acoustic drums, electronic kits, pad controllers, drum machines, drum sound modules, hand percussion instruments; plus all the accessories you need to get started or enhance your current drum setup. Regardless of your style, proficiency level, or application – PhotoSavings has your ideal Drums & Accessories solution in stock and ready to ship right to your door!

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