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DJ Mixers & Controllers

The art of DJing has certainly come a long way since faceless "Disc Jockeys" began playing 33 1/3 RPM acetate records on the radio back in the 1930s. By the mid-1940s, DJs spinning 78 RPM vinyl records began hosting dance parties in halls. And by the 1950s, nightclubs and discothèques began to spring up all over the United States and Europe, playing the hottest 45 RPM singles of the day.

With the popularity of DJ dance parties and nightclubs increasing, many music aficionados aspired to become a DJ themselves. Most began by outfitting themselves with two inexpensive belt-driven turntables and a mixer, along with a modest sound system. But by the 1970s, the implementation of higher-powered, higher-fidelity sound systems – along with the advent of direct drive turntables – gave rise to the art of "turntablism", making the modern DJ more of a musician than a disc jockey.

As the art of DJing evolved, so did the technology. While some of today's DJs use two CD/MP3 players and an analog mixer, many prefer to work with a tactile controller surface in tandem with a computer running DJ software and loaded with their digital music files. If either of the above approaches appeal to you, you're in the right place – because our experts at PhotoSavings have chosen only the highest-quality, most versatile DJ Mixers & Controllers and CD / Media Players available on today's market!

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