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Control Surfaces

Recording. In its infancy, it required a minimum of equipment. In fact, entire orchestras were recorded direct to wax using just one well-placed microphone. Then, with the advent of multi-track recording came a plethora of bulky, heavy, and very expensive machinery. Some recording consoles even measured over ten feet in length! Well, we're happy to report that trends in the world of recording have come full circle – at least in regard to size.

Today's professional recordings are almost exclusively accomplished in the digital domain. Huge multi-track tape recorders have been replaced by a computer running digital audio software with plug-ins to emulate racks full of preamps, compressors, noise gates, equalizers, plus spatial effect like reverb and echo. And what of those mixing consoles with the ridiculously large dimensions? They've been replaced by very compact, ergonomic, and efficient devices called Control Surfaces.

Whether you're setting up a full-blown professional recording studio or just want to trigger some samples, PhotoSavings has a controller of the right size and with all of the capabilities you'll need to bring your artistic vision to fruition. We've also taken the guesswork out of how to properly accessorize by offering some very convenient low-cost, high-value bundles!

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