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Computer Audio & Interfaces

When it comes to recording audio into your PC or Mac, you can do a lot better than using the computer's built-in microphone jack. In fact, you'll have to do a lot better if you're hoping to achieve anything approaching professional sound quality, or if you need to record multiple input sources simultaneously. Thankfully, there are many reasonably-priced, high-quality computer audio solutions available on today's market – and PhotoSavings has them all!

As you'll see when cruising our vast selection of Computer Audio Interfaces, some are traditional mixing consoles with a simple USB output. Others are small ADCs (Analog-to-Digital Converters) with just one or two built-in microphone preamps. Some feature higher quality ADCs with eight or more inputs and the ability to link up multiple devices for expandability. And then there are stand-alone multi-track recorders with built-in mixers that can export your work digitally via USB.

PhotoSavings has every type of Computer Audio Interface available on the market in stock and ready to ship. We've even bundled them with the most desired and required accessories (we like to call them "necessories") to help you begin recording right away. So let's dig in and find your ideal recording solution!

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