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Guitar & Bass Amplifiers

Fact: An electric guitar or bass is virtually useless without an amplifier. But while any amp would make these instruments functional, not all amplifiers are created equal – particularly those that are designed for musical instruments. There are many different brands and models of amplifiers available on the market, and for good reason. Each has its own sonic "personality", and may or may not include a wide range of tone controls and effects. At its most basic, a guitar amplifier may have just one Volume control. Or it can have switchable Lead and Rhythm channels, and even feature digital modeling circuitry designed to emulate the tone of other popular amplifiers. You might choose a separate amp head and speaker cabinet to enhance portability, or you might prefer an all-in-one Combo amplifier for convenience. There are also many different wattage and speaker configurations available. Whatever your preference or application, PhotoSavings has your ideal guitar or bass amplifier in stock and ready to ship!

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