How To Become Successful On Twitch


Twenty years ago,

no ordinary video game player imagined they could monetize their gaming skills. Fifteen years ago, only a handful of people knew how to make a Livestream. And eleven years ago, social media platforms were irrelevant. 

Fast forward to the present year, video game monetization, live streams, and social media platforms have skyrocketed into popularity, with a streaming website like Twitch supporting the ordinary gamer’s passion.

Twitch is the world’s most popular video streaming platform. It’s a sought-after platform for gamers as the streaming website offers a lucrative career for everyone who’ll gain a considerable following. 

No, you don’t have to be the best of the best in gaming to earn as much as $350,000 in a month. Nonetheless, you need the secret tips on how to become successful on Twitch. We’ve rounded up the essential steps that could help with your victory.

Step# 1: Set Your Goals

The first rule in becoming a Twitch streamer is to treat it like a business. You need to set your goals with a SMART framework. Here’s how to do it:

S for Specific - You should have a precise plan. Instead of “I want to increase my following,” change it to “I’ll have X amount of followers by X date.”

M for Measurable - Use metrics to grow your number of followers. Keep yourself on track with your progress by recording the numbers by month.

A for Attainable - Make realistic and attainable goals. If you’re a new streamer, don’t set your goal to achieving 1,000 followers, as that will only frustrate, demotivate and stress you out if you can’t reach it. We recommend starting your plan with ten followers and then increasing it by 10s or 20s, depending on how the metrics result.

R for Relevant - Align your goals with what you want to achieve. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades and focus on one goal at a time. Don’t forget to give value to your audience.

T for Timely - Any goal should have a precise time limit. Giving each plan a period is one of the ways you can succeed in Twitch.

Step# 2: Watch A Lot Of Streamers

What better way to learn the ropes than watch the pros? Watch the streams of the most popular Twitch users and take notes on how they create their content. You can incorporate what they do into your channel, but if their strategies don’t work for you, don’t worry; you can change what you believe will work for you.

Also, take note of how they made their username. Ideally, it should be easy to recall without too many numbers or difficult spelling. It should not be long either.

Step# 3: Invest In High-Quality Equipment

High-quality equipment doesn’t always equal expensive. However, you can’t also work with cheap equipment. It’s a common dilemma for newbies in game streaming, which is why shopping at Photo Savings is hre: to help you find affordable yet superior products.

Step# 4: Stream Frequently

Consistency is the key to being on the radar of viewers. Come up with a fixed streaming schedule every day and always show up on time. Frequently and consistently showing up during the specific live streaming period will build trust, loyalty, and bond between you and your followers. 

Step# 5: Promote On Other Social Media Platforms

One of the best marketing tips you can follow is to create accounts on other social media platforms and promote your Twitch account. You can record videos during your live stream and edit the highlights to create viral content. You can also do some challenges that are still related to your gamer persona, as these posts can stir up a conversation between new and old followers. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your marketing campaigns.

Twitch For Beginners

Just like other monetized platforms, Twitch allows everyone to earn more from their passion. You don’t need to be a pro gamer because success on Twitch relies on your hard work, consistency, effort, and seriousness in adding value to your audience.

With this, we hope you’ll achieve the victory you’re aiming for on Twitch.

Let the games begin!