Zoom Introduces V6 Vocal Processor With New Formant Pedal

If you have often wondered how professional singers sound as flawless as they do on tracks, a vocal processor is a huge factor in landing a distinct, clear sound. Zoom just introduced another new product called the V6 Multi-effects Vocal Processor, which comes equipped with a Formant Shift pedal and tons of unique features. A vocal processor is extremely similar to a guitar effects processor, only it’s made specifically for your voice, which is why singers will want to keep an eye (and ear) out for this first-of-its-kind item. Regardless of your genre, you can enhance your performance the feature-packed V6, so read as we explore all of its uniquely essential features that can upgrade your next performance.

The V6 Formant Shift pedal is built into the item, so you can instantaneously adjust your sound for a more pronounced timbre and acoustic vocal resonance. The set also contains Zoom’s SGV-6 shotgun microphone supported by a superior noise cancellation feature, which lessens the background clatter and hissing sound on the mic.

You can easily tweak the three fundamentals of your vocal sound with the processor's Voice, Harmony, and Effect switches. The Voice dial has a selector in which you can shift the key, pitch, octave, depth, bass vocoder, among other elements. The Harmony section lets you combine up to two pre-recorded vocals to produce a multi-layered vocal production. Lastly, the Effects panel can give your voice a variety of studio effects such as delay, reverb, chorus, echo, telephone, as well as a beat box sound. All of which are adjustable to your liking.

This processor comes with more than 10 studio quality effects, three of which you can simultaneously use at a time. Along with those mentioned aspects, there are 40 additional default patches that are designed by audio engineers and experienced vocalists. This provides the capability of storing your very own produced patches in up to 100 memory locations. The V6 also has a looper that can record up to three and a half minutes of your voice, which will provide an opportunity to use the Harmony switch, as you can overlay your own voice recording to create a harmonic musical production.

The V6 processor also has a built-in compressor to regulate the signal levels so as not to exceed its maximum limit, resulting in optimum sound output regardless of your input level. You can achieve the perfect dynamics and give more life and convey emotion to your performance.

Experience the professional quality of singing with the V6 sound processor, which will be available in October 2019. The creative possibilities with this equipment are virtually endless. Experimenting on your musicality will let you discover what else you can do with your voice. Getting the right vocal processor will definitely enrich your singing, whether on stage or in the studio.