Zoom Unveils New Pro audio Equipment LiveTrak L-8 Mixer Board for Podcasting and Performances

Zoom continues to expand their hefty lineup of pro audio equipment - high quality mixers as they've just announced their new LiveTrak L-8 interface.

This pro audio 8-channel mixer features the ability to record up to 12 tracks at a time, with a 10-track playback, making it an essential item for podcasters, broadcasters and musical performers.

The new mixer from the company contains a mix-minus function, which prevents audio feedback from dial-in guests, as well as a TRRS connection.

Pro audio sound & DJ equipment mixing boards

The L-8 pro audio equipment mixer makes it easier to mix, monitor and record your podcasts and recordings into one place while being portable, as well as affordable for creatives. The mixer, which is a 12-in/4-out audio interface, can add intros, outros, ads and sound effects to your podcast through the six soundpads. If you’re on the go and need to grab an interview to add to your show later, the studio item comes with a TRRS cable that can connect right to your phone. You can even substitute in the USB cable that will route audio for Skype, FaceTime and other video and audio social platforms.

Pro audio sound & DJ equipment mixing boards

Musicians can easily benefit from using the pro audio L-8 in their performances, as the product contains six independent preamps as well as four headphone outputs. The preamps feature phantom power, a low noise floor (-121dBU EIN), and a maximum input gain of +54dB. You can even record separate tracks for each performer, which saves directly to the SD card. Interestingly enough, you can record performances or podcast episodes straight to your computer and SD card at the same time. With just four AA batteries, the LiveTrak L-8 is portable with use for up to 2.5 hours, or even with the use of an USB battery.

You can currently preorder the LiveTrack L-8 interface on Photo Savings before its official release and we'll update you when it's ready for shipment!