Zoom Unveils New A1 Four and A1X Four Multi-Effects Processor for Guitars and More

A Multi-Purpose, Multi-Tasking, Multi-Effects Processor

If versatility is what you are looking for during your jam sessions, Zoom's new A1 Four and A1X Four multi-effects processor has you covered. The new audio accessory from the brand has been pre-loaded with more than 80 effects, with 35 effects being tailor-made to optimize the sound quality of your instruments. Not only does it cater to acoustic guitars, this processor is also compatible with saxophones, trumpets, violins, harmonicas and the acoustic bass. This marks the first Zoom processor that can be used with multiple instruments.

The A1X Four comes with eight pedal-triggered audio controls, providing an easier adjustment of your sound's pitch, volume, pitch, reverb and delay. This particular processor boasts 70 built-in effects in comparison to A1 Four’s 60 effects of its own. With a variety of rich and warm tones to enhance your guitar’s performance, both products deliver a wide spectrum of features to enhance your musical genre. From a useful “unplugged” effect, to a playful finger-picking that carries a country and blues style, Zoom's latest release can turn any performance into a stage-ready presentation.

The A1 and A1X also feature a looper that can record up to 30 seconds, or 64 beats of CD-quality audio recording, which can be used along with 68 built-in rhythm patterns engineered for unplugged styles of music. Its power runs on four AA batteries with an alkaline battery life of 18 hours.  Free downloads of patches and effects for acoustic instruments are available via the Zoom Guitar Lab software.

a1 four a1x four

Here is a full list of the features from the A1X/A1X Four:

• A1 FOUR - 80 built-in effects/A1X FOUR -  90 built-in effects

• Effects compatible with acoustic guitars, saxophones, trumpets, violins, harmonicas, and upright bass

• Use of five effects at one time

• 50 memory locations for storing user-created patches

• 30-second looper

• Zoom Guitar Lab software for creating, editing and managing effects and patches

• 68 built-in rhythm patterns tailored for unplugged styles of music can be used in combination with the Looper

• On-board chromatic tuner- includes open and drop tunings

• Output jack for amps or headphones

• USB port for firmware updates, power and connection to Zoom Guitar Lab

Your next jam session could use a major upgrade, so why not use the A1 Four or the A1X Four to elevate your sound? Releasing in mid-October 2019, the new multi-processor from Zoom might be a hot commodity on the market as holiday season approaches. Stay tuned for its official release for retail purchase next month.