The Game Changer: Future-Proof ADJ Link Controller

By: Catherine Navarette

Explore the Endless Possibility of the Four-universe DMX Control Solution with Maximum Comfort.

ADJ LINK Controller crushes the competition of advanced lighting consoles on the market. The best thing is… it is easy to learn! You can have a heavenly place by showing off your creativity  to your audience with just a few easy steps. If you are worried about the price, read until the last part of  this article to reveal their amazing deal. (PS, you are not going to regret this!) 


iPad Application 

You can manage the ADJ Link Control system by connecting it to an Airstream LINK iOS App for iPad. Imagine the money you’ll save! You can use your iPad rather than buying other monitors or additional screens to control the lighting system. So, how? You just need to install their application from  the Apple App Store, connect the ADJ system, and that is it. 

Their application is not as complicated as other DJ lighting controllers. Believe me, it is 100% beginner-friendly. It includes an extensive fixture library that allows you to set up different configurations in just seconds. You can change the color effects and the iPad’s memory can store the created scenes for you.  

Wireless Efforts 

Wireless connection means that the iPad can be moved away from the LINK hardware, which may  prove extremely useful during programming when it is desirable to view a lighting rig from  different angles while simultaneously making adjustments. 

It has its built-in WiFi configuration that comes with a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Direct Sequence Spread  Spectrum. Having this unique ADJ Link Controller with a 5 GHz WiFi network is a big advantage in making your dream event into a reality. Imagine having the privilege to cut in lines  of hundreds of people, that is what it feels like having this item with a 5 GHz network. 

Wait, there is more… There is a wireless connection feature that allows you to move up to 75 ft  away from the ADJ Link Controller. You do not have to stand on the front of the system or ask  your friend to control it for you. It saves you a lot of time and it will definitely make you stress-free.  

Stand-alone Mode 

Don't expose yourself to risks. The ADJ product manufacturers are not party poopers! They made  this trick to save their customers away from the embarrassment and for possibly ruining their events. They have sorted out all the previous problems and even go beyond the expectation of customers. With this new stand-alone feature, every scene you made automatically saves to your iPad files. You can use shows using another iPad and access the stored files everywhere  through your account.  

Let’s say that your iPad isn’t functioning well during the event, how can you escape from this scary situation? With the stand-alone mode of the ADJ Link Controller, it can store up to 8 different scenes on the controller’s memory. You can click the scenes right on the controller to continue the event, even if your iPad is not properly working. How cool is that? Such a lifesaver! Your audience will never know what technical difficulties you had.  

Additional Features 

It is a 4-universe controller. By universe, it means that it contains about 2048 channels of lights!  Imagine the possibilities of making a wide spectrum of lights to make your vision come to life. It  can be connected with an iPad via their application.  

The ADJ Link Controller’s manufacturer cares about the customer’s experience. They can even  customize the installation of the flight-casing on the side panels for you to choose between removing or replacing the plastic casing with metal rack ears.  

It is best used for clubs, community theater, bars, events, and in your home. The Link showcases a conveniently compact design that has a functional iPad cradle. It is not just your ordinary screen  holder; it is uniquely built to optimize your viewing angle. Allowing it to be adjusted to suit your  needs. 

So, if you’re looking for something to magically boost your event, ADJ Link Controller is the one  for you. It’s the latest edition under the range of lighting control solutions  compact with a unique software system, but at almost half the price of other DJ controllers on the market. Do not miss a chance to get this high-quality lighting control product that offers wireless connectivity and a multitouch screen with a four-universe DMX interface.

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