Tascam Reengineers and Redefines Broadcasting with MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B

By: Mahnoor Ali

Gone are the days of monotone entertainment, and here are the days of exciting, multi-dimensional content streaming on various platforms. 

But we knew this, we know how much goes into creating even a 10-second tik tok gone viral, so no one is any longer a stranger to the great feats of a high quality broadcast. And now, those feats can be yours with the help of Tascam’s latest model of MiNiSTUDIO Creator, the US-42B

Taking podcasts, radio shows, and basically any form of a broadcast to a new level is now readily available in the form of a tabletop interface. The US-42B enables a user to record and produce a perfectly polished podcast within minutes. Read on about how Tascam made this new and exclusive model with you in mind.

Ease & Versatility

With much thought and consideration, Tascam developed a new user interface in conjunction with Dwango Co., Ltd., to deliver a unit with as few controls as possible. This simplified control system ensures intuitive creation and complete ease. Additionally, the software has a page labeled “EASY” for beginners and anyone looking to get a broadcast out quickly, as well as a page for “EXPERT” for the advanced users. 

Making Waves with Sound

A unique feature that will make your podcast stand out from the vast sea of them, is the quality and diversity in your audio. Thankfully, Tascam has equipped their MiNiSTUDIO’s with pre-recorded clapping, cheering, among other sounds, as well as reverb and voice effects features. Now, instead of having monotony when talking about exciting topics, you can reflect how you truly feel by altering your voice as well as your guest’s. It will feel like you recorded in a professional studio instead of your childhood bedroom!


Two’s a Party…

You don’t have to be lonely anymore or worry about how you’re going to combine your broadcast with someone else because the US-42B comes with two combo XLR microphone or instrument inputs, as well as two headphone jack outputs so you and your guest can focus on what you sound like.

Since sound is the key feature in Tascam’s models and in your broadcasting, the MiNiSTUDIO is built with the best of the best audio circuits, supporting both audio and video production. 

How Convenient 

After reading about all of its capabilities, you would be surprised by the size and portability of the US-42B. Not only is it now in an exclusive black finish, but it sits on your tabletop like the fancy gadget it is. It can easily fit in your backpack for recording in different locations. 


Making Connections

The most amazing thing about pro audio equipment is when it is compatible with our already owned and loved devices. The US-42B is no exception as it can easily be used with Mac, Windows, and iOS devices using its 2.0 USB audio interface. Using the USB, you can record straight to your computer! It works with all the major streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Skype, and more. 

And when you’re ready to spruce things up, your broadcast can easily be edited on major DAW software including Audacity, SONAR, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Studio One, and GarageBand. 


Extra, Extra! 

More features of the Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator U-42B, exclusively available at Photo Savings, include:

  • Support for high-resolution recording formats up to 24-bit/996kHz
  • 2 HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamps
  • Input monitoring function allows input sounds to always be heard before they are transmitted
  • ON AIR button that starts transmission to the computer
  • PON trigger pads
  • Transmitted signal MONO/STEREO switching 
  • 2 strap attachment points allow commercially-available camera straps to be attached
  • TRRS and TRS connections for gaming headsets

To get your next and last broadcasting audio interface, shop the US-42B here.