New zoom v3 vocal processor

We are welcoming Zoom’s new vocal processor, the V3. Perfect for vocalists, as well as other virtual creators, the Zoom V3 provides creators high quality vocal effects in a portable, easy-to-use unit. The V3 has the capacity to alter both live and recorded voices, so you can alter your voice while streaming, or use it to modify and fine-tune your recorded tracks. With 16 voice-altering effects, the V3 lets you spice up your sound with doubling, synthesized effects, Vocoder, Unison, and more. You can even use the Harmonizer function to create 3-part harmonies, in both major and minor keys, giving you the option to even be your own backup singer, or add in other voices.

newzoom v3 vocal processor

In addition to the 16 different effects the Zoom V3 delivers, the V3 also functions as a professional quality pre-amp, giving you crisp, clear sound. You can also use the V3 to optimize the performance of any mic by using the Enhance function. The V3 is also compatible with the optional Zoom SGV-6 microphone which will isolate your voice and suppress ambient noise, for superior sound quality and processing.

new zoom v3 vocal processor

Even with all of its advanced functions, the V3 doesn’t forget the basics. You can still use the control knobs on the V3 to dial-in your reverb, delay, and compression. You can also add new dimension to your sound with the parameter knob and the Formant Character button, changing your vocal characteristics, without altering pitch.

The V3 features labelled buttons, making it super user-friendly. It is as straightforward as simply pressing the “Pitch Correct” button to correct your pitch. Whether you use the V3 on your tabletop or attach it to a mic stand, it will always be easily accessible. You can even use the V3 hands-free by using the ZOOM FS01 footswitch or ZOOM FP02M expression pedal to toggle effects. Zoom’s new V3 vocal processor is so easy-to-use that you will be creating new tunes,
streaming, recording remotely, collaborating, and more, in no time at all.

new zoom v3 vocal procesor

 Other features include:

•Runs for 3.5 hours with 4 AA batteries or with Zoom AD-16 AC adapter
    •Connects via USB to your computer or mobile device for streaming and recording purposes

      •Headphone output with volume control

      •USB 2.0 audio interface capable of recording up to 16/24/32-bit, 44.1 kHz

      •Line outputs for connecting to mixing consoles or PA systems

      •Auxiliary input

      • 48V phantom power for condenser microphones