Sigma Presents the World's Smallest Full-Frame Camera With the L-Mount 'Fortissimo Pianissimo'

The widely-known phrase, “Good things come in small packages,” has never rang truer with the arrival of Sigma’s new compact photography equipment the L-mount "fp"  digital camera.

Now standing as the world’s smallest, full-frame mirrorless digital camera, the new shooter from the company weighs approximately 400 grams.

Short for "Fortissimo Pianissimo," which stems from the musical term, this new L-mount camera from Sigma is so tightly packed, that it can fit in your palm with its 4.43” × 2.75” × 1.78” dimensions. Don’t be deceived by its small size, however, as the "fp" still offers a multitude of features that a full-frame camera does in its photo shoot sessions. The camera contains 24 megapixels, along with a 3.2” touch screen display, external flash sync support, a microphone, a USB and HDMI output and other functions that will result in high quality images. It also has a minimalist exterior that gives it an ultra-modern look.

The Fortissimo Pianissimo is a straight-forward, point-and-shoot camera with many of the typical features of a digital camera. It produces JPG and DNG RAW images in full frame and carries a contrast exposure autofocus, a Face and Eye Detection feature, making it a perfect companion for portraits.


Photography Equipment digital camera

Not only is the new Sigma digital camera dense and portable, but it's simple-to-use efficiency makes it even more appealing for photographers. With a flick of a toggle, you can easily switch from a stills camera and cine recording mode. Sigma also dropped its mechanical shutter to give way to an electronic shutter for a quieter recording, which allows for silence while recording without affecting the video. You can take up to 4K UHD  footage that will produce cinema-quality videos and frames. It boasts of a full-frame sensor with up to a 24-megapixel image size, so you can expect nothing but high-resolution photos and videos.

You can attach many types of photography equipment such as the L-mount lens, which further helps you tailor-fit this camera to suit your photography and videography needs. Another unique feature of the Sigma fp is its director’s viewfinder mode, which allows you to simulate the different angles, framing, and aspect ratio. Loaded with special functions that are found in professional cinema photography equipment, you can replicate how you want your film to actually look on-screen. It has true shutter degree angle, waveforms, zebra, false color settings, and 12 color modes such as vivid, neutral, sunset red, forest green, monochrome, as well as teal and orange that delivers a Hollywood color grade.

Despite its size, the Sigma fp has a complete array of buttons and controls to navigate through the menu and settings. Connectors and output ports on the left side of the unit are protected with rubber pluggers that reinforces the camera’s dust- and splash-proof quality. Whether you're planning on taking still shots or making indie videos, you’ll find the Fortissimo Pianissimo suitable for photographers and videographers alike.