Ricoh WG-70 Waterproof Camera Reviews

Ricoh’s new WG-70 digital compact camera might just be what outdoor enthusiasts need to capture any and all of their adventures. The new compact, technical camera from the popular brand is perfect for photographers who tend to find themselves in more intense environments as far as weather and temperature.

At 6.8 ounces, the lightweight camera is waterproof at up to 14m, as well as freeze-proof in weather up to 14°F, making it ideal for the harshest environmental conditions. It can also withstand falls from a height of 1.6m and weights up to 100kgf, so you can take it hiking or mountain climbing, river rafting or kayaking without worrying about damaging the camera. It has high-sensitivity anti-shake to keep your photos sharp no matter the conditions. 

Diving enthusiasts in particular will love the WG-70’s Underwater shooting modes designed to beautifully capture the colors of the ocean (available for stills and movies). Underwater Mode optimizes the color, contrast, and white balance of the photos and enhances shades of red (which are more difficult to render faithfully underwater). You can shoot underwater for up to 2 hours continuously and can even use the flash!

If you’re more land-bound, the camera has a Landscape mode designed to optimize natural blue skies and green trees. You can use Outdoor View Setting to adjust the brightness of the 2.7-inch LCD monitor so you can preview your photograph even with the sun’s glare. 

The ISO sensitivity goes up to a respectable 6400 for dim lighting situations. The focal length ranges from 28mm to 140mm, so you can capture the big picture and details with equal ease. For macro photographers, the camera has six LED Macro Lights that illuminate your subject while shooting in a Digital Microscope Mode.

The WG-70’s face detection features let you shoot portraits, groups, and even selfies with ease. The LED Macro Lights blink when the camera detects faces for selfies, and with Smile Capture, the camera automatically takes a photo when the subject smiles. When not in selfie shooting mode, the camera’s high-speed Face Detection features can focus on 32 faces in a frame!

Available in both black and orange, the 16MP Ricoh WG-70 will be available this month on Photo Savings, so stay tuned for updates on pre-order information.