PHOTO SAVINGS EXCLUSIVE: Tascam MiniStudio Creator USB Podcasting Broadcast Interface

By: Cheryl Lynne Azarraga

Podcasting is very trendy these days, and if you’re keen on joining the herd, it’s best to know some basics, from concept to equipment. The usual dilemma new podcasters have is deciding which hardware they need to get started. It needs to offer high quality sound and effects while being beginner friendly. That’s where the Tascam MiniStudio comes in.

This device offers users a creative and easy-to-operate way to communicate with their audience, and Photo Savings offers it at an exclusive price point. The TASCAM MiniStudio Creator USB Podcasting Broadcast Interface is your personal production and online broadcast studio. It features a pro-quality audio interface and a number of unique real-time effects. Interested? Read on to discover all of the great features this device offers.


  • A pair of XLR/combo connectors and dual HDDA mic preamps, each mic has its own gain dial and a switch.
  • A built-in phantom power allowing you to quickly and easily connect your favorite dynamic or condenser microphones and get the conversation started. You have the option to connect your headphones or speakers for monitoring.
  • Three assignable PON sound effect buttons. Use the included bell, buzzer and applause effects or apply your own wav or .mp3 files for a complete customized experience.
  • Excellent sound effects. You’re a button away from disguising your voice in any one of a number of amazing and amusing ways. Pitch your voice up into cartoon mouse sound or pitch it down to sound ghoulish. Add a spacey Echo, wobbly Chopper or go old school with the Walkie-talkie Radio effect.
  • A default Easy and Expert mode that can be accessed by selecting the tab along the top of the window. This exposes a more comprehensive set of controls that enable you to fine tune EQ, compression and reverb settings.

The Tascam MiniStudio Creator is perfect for all levels of podcasters. It is a device packed with a full set of high-tech and easy-to-use features, offered by Photo Savings at an impossible to beat price.