Photo Savings Product Release Roundup: New from Novation

With innovation at the forefront of the brand’s principle, Novation continues to prove that they are blazing the trail in electronic music production with arrival of three new products including the Launchpad X, the Launchpad Mini MK3, and the Launchkey Mini MK3. While the two MIDI grid launchpads are similar in style, they contain different features that help each stand out for multiple purposes to experience a whole new way of creating music. Read on to know more about Novation's latest and when you can get your hands on the latest equipment.

Launchpad X and Mini MK3, like their predecessor, contain 64 RGB pressure-sensitive touch pads that quickly play and control your sound clips. While they have a range of differences, their utility and operation does contain a slew of similarities, with both carrying a USB-C Socket and Kensington MiniSaver Slot. Their differences, however, are much more noticeable through their size and capacity. While the Mini MK3 is a tad lighter than the Launchpad X, with only less than a pound, the latter tips the scales at 1.8 lbs. With a two-inch difference in width and depth, Mini MK3 is more portable and easier to assimilate to any size of setup. The Mini MK3 also has three customizable modes for musicians and producers to embrace, while its larger version has a total of four. Both pieces of gear include the following softwares: Ableton Live Lite, Splice Sounds, AAS Session Bundle, XLN Addictive Keys, Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette, Softube Time and Tone bundle, as well as Sound Collective.

While the launchpad grids will be a big hit amoungst music producers, Novation's Launchkey Mini MK3 is fit for keyboard specialists who still require the basic features of launchpads. Built to be the most compact MIDI keyboard controller in the market, it weighs 1.52 lbs. without its accessories and 1.61 lbs. loaded with accessories. Its height and width are 13” and 7” respectively. With a thickness of 1.6”, it can readily fit in your bag too. Its RGB pads mirror the color indicators on the Ableton Live interface for trouble-free reference as you produce your music. What sets this equipment apart from other key controllers is its shift button functionality so the pads and knobs double its function. It has an arpeggiator that adjusts the beat, rhythm, pattern, octave among other elements. It also includes access to the Novation Sound Collective from which you can find inspiration in making music.

Suitable for both live and studio performance, all three Novation releases will allow boundless creativity with your music. Tweak your sound and instrumental effects with controllers that are engineered for your ease of use and a keyboard built for your convenience.

You can pre-order all three of these new studio products on our site before they are available for shipping. Click the product links above for more information.