Novation Circuit Tracks: Meet the New Generation of Circuit

By: Cheryl Lynne Azarraga

If you are into EDM (hard house, Trap, Trance, Glitch Hop etc.), then you'll love the new updated Novation Circuit Tracks, just released in the market this February.

The Novation Circuit Tracks is a standalone groove box designed to increase your productivity and workflow whether in the studio, on the road, or anywhere else you make your music.

The Novation circuit tracks has four drum tracks, two synth tracks and two midi tracks.


What’s so great about the circuit tracks is that it is very easy to manipulate. There aren’t a ton of menus to go through and everything that you need is laid out right in front of you.

It has its own power supply, so you can go completely wireless for up to four hours off of a lithium ion battery on a single charge.

What makes the Novation Circuit Tracks different is that it’s straight forward with your music ideas. The worst thing possible when making beats is getting distracted with complicated menus, hitting a bunch of shift keys and having to navigate through a whole bunch of different functions. This can be a hassle especially when your ideas need to get recorded in an instant. The Novation Circuit Tracks eliminates those complications!


The Novation Circuit Tracks have a 16-step sequencer on the top, and 16 drum pads on the bottom. If you want to access more drum pads, you can move through your octaves. It also enables you to write in either step sequence mode or in your typical drum machine groove box mode, whichever workflow you prefer.

You can create 32-step patterns, chainable for up to 256 steps sequences per track. Go off-grid with microtiming, and keep your music evolving with probability and pattern mutate.


The Circuit Tracks can take up to a 32-gig micro sd card. You can download the components app and use it to download additional sounds, synth packs and presets.


Enjoy full flexibility and MIDI routing options with your full-size five-pin MIDI in, out, and analogue sync out. That way, you can either send MIDI signals out or you can bring in many signals to manipulate your sounds in whatever way is comfortable.


One of the strong points of this device is that it's portable, light and thin, which means you can easily fit it in your laptop bag or you can throw it in your dj gear bag.


If you are playing with filters and beats, the amazing thing with Circuit Tracks is the ability to record this on the spot and add it to your workflow. Apart from this, the Scales mode will literally show you the scale you can pick from 32 different scales. That way, whenever you're playing something it will keep you in key.


Novation Components is the online companion that lets you delve into the synth engine, load samples and backup projects. Life is easier as you can register your Circuit Tracks to get access to free plugins and content with Novation Sound Collective.

When you are just starting out in making music, one important thing is to make an easy workflow. There are some drum machines available but they're just too complicated to use and navigate. With Circuit tracks, you get four different drum kits to get you started. Circuit Tracks is class compliant so it will work with any modern Mac or Windows PC.