New Zoom Podtrak P4 for Podcasters

Remote interviews used to be difficult. That was, until the Zoom Podtrak P4 came along. The first recorder made specifically for podcasting is here - and we think it's the perfect Podcast Pack.

Usually, it's a hassle to record in a different location. But the P4 allows you to literally transport your recording studio. The new Zoom P4 makes it easy to have a professional sounding podcast anytime, anywhere. 

podcast remote interview

With high quality inputs, the P4 provides up to 70dB of gain and can be used with the most demanding headphones. It allows up to four headphones to be connected at once. This means you can have professional sounding interviews even if your interviewee is remote (Yes, you can connect your phone to conduct an interview over Skype or Zoom - it'll still have quality audio).

Each headphone input can be customized for each user - so everyone can hear perfectly at all times. All sound sources can be recorded on separate tracks, which makes the editing process that much easier.

The P4 also makes it simple to produce like a professional. Between the 11 pre-recorded presets or the option to upload your own sounds, the options are endless. The customizable Sound Pads can easily trigger music, jingles, sound effects and more.

zoom podtrak

You also have the option to purchase the BTA-2 Bluetooth adaptor. The BTA-2 allows you to wirelessly connect your phone, giving you more flexibility when recording remote interviews.

The Zoom P4 records directly to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards up to 512GB. It’s powered by just two AA batteries for up to four hours. You also have the option to power it through a USB cable.

podcast on laptop