Introducing the New ZOOM F2 Field Recorder

By: Cheryl Lynne Azarraga

Haven’t you heard good things come in small packages? Well this is true for none other than the newest product in audio recording equipment. 

Calling all Podcasters, videographers, bloggers and even journalists, we introduce to you, the new ZOOM F2 Field Recorder. It is the perfect audio solution that you can bring anywhere to record your interviews and podcast shows.

We are ecstatic about the F2 because it is an incredibly small, extremely portable, and shockingly efficient audio recorder. Trust us, the quality will surprise! 

How does the Zoom F2 Field Recorder work?

Here’s a glimpse of its features:



The usual challenge when recording an interview are the audio signals. If you’re a podcaster, you’d know what I’m talking about. The F2 features 32-bit float recording technology, allowing you to record the loudest audio signals without worrying about clipping. It will also record the quietest signals in beautiful detail. Just plug in the lav and hit record.



You may use the F2’s handy dandy HOLD switch to ensure you don’t accidentally stop recording.



You can wirelessly start or stop your recordings by activating the built in bluetooth feature with the free Zoom F2 Control app. What’s awesome is that it displays battery levels, adjusts the output volume, control lo-cut and more. 


If you’re worrying about adjusting the settings and formatting SD cards, you can simply connect your F2 or F2-BT via a USB cable and launch the editor. The USB connection also makes it easy to transfer files to your computer for both PC and Mac. 



For your sit down interviews, we all know that a lavalier microphone always works best. The LMF-2 omnidirectional lavalier microphone has a low-profiled design that captures high-quality audio and includes a windscreen and lapel mic clip. 

In a nutshell,  the New Zoom F2 Field Recorder is even better than the F1: it is lightweight and compact, which is perfect for those who are on the go. As for battery life, it can last around 15 hours. They’re powered by two AAA batteries and include a stereo mini-jack input and output (with volume control). Now if you’re considering getting a new recorder, ZOOM has excelled in the mobile recording department and they've paid special attention to the podcasting market.