Canon IVY Cliq Camera

Let's keep it compact...

Canon is taking their consumers back in time with a much more modern twist as they have released the Ivy Cliq and Cliq+ cameras, following in the footsteps of their IVY printers that were released last year. Mocking the same motion and feeling consumers get from a Polaroid camera, the new Canon products solidify their spots in the printable photography club.

Using Zink technology, which stands for “zero ink,” both the Canon Cliq and Cliq+ allow users to turn any magic moment captured by the new cameras into a small picture worth framing in seconds. Standing unique from the brand's previous IVY printers, users are guaranteed to enjoy the convenience of having an all-in-one product for printing images in real-time.


While the cameras are compact enough to slip into the average pocket size, both products are different for specific photographer and consumer needs. If you find that you are capturing moments that you want to share not once, but twice, the Cliq+ may be your go-to, as it has the ability to reprint the last photo that was printed. Although both use flash, the Cliq + carries a ring light around the lens and allows for more control of the flash as opposed to the Cliq, which uses an automatic flash that cannot be adjusted.

The Cliq, which also features a selfie mirror, is a 5-megapixel camera that comes in three fun colors: ladybug red, bumblebee yellow and ocean blue.  The Cliq+ is a whopping 8-megapixels and carries an even larger selfie mirror, a custom shutter sound and other audio controls. It comes in sapphire blue, ruby red and pearl white.

The latest Canon products are also unique from the average old school polaroid, as an app for the camera can connect to consumers’ phones via Bluetooth, allowing the use of filters, frames and even text before sending the picture straight to the printer.

Both cameras also come with 10 Zink prints to start, while additional sheets can be purchased on our site here.