Introducing the New Zoom Podtrak P8

It’s about time to level up your podcasting and ditch your old school equipment. The Zoom Podtrak P8 gives you a hassle free and seamless podcast experience, no more scratchy recordings and limited editing capabilities. Your Podtrak P8 will ensure that you have complete control over the quality of your podcast audio. Keep reading to learn about the many amazing features that this device offers.

Touchscreen Controls

The touchscreen interface makes monitoring, adjusting and onboard editing seamless.

 Crystal Clear Recording

The PodTrak P8 features six of Zoom’s best-sounding mic inputs, providing pristine audio for you and your guests. It has up to 70dB of gain and can handle high-tech microphones like Shure’s SM7B.

This Call Will Be Recorded

The P8 also features a dedicated channel for recording phone calls. Channel six can be switched to USB mode to record your guests via computer. Both options include a Mix-Minus feature to prevent echo and feedback for the caller.

Editing Options

One of the highlights of the Podtrak P8’s features is the onboard editing, which easily trim, split and fade audio clips to produce a professional-grade podcast episode. You can also add background music, or transfer track files to your computer to do a final mix.

It Speaks Your Language

The P8’s touchscreen display can be set to any one of six languages. Choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Japanese.

Additionally, the Podtrack P8 can record up to 13 tracks simultaneously. It has 6 mic inputs with XLR connectors and optional phantom power volume sliders, mute buttons, and “on air” indicators for each channel, with a dedicated channel for phone interviews. The Optional BTA-2 Bluetooth enables wireless call recording while the Mix-Minus function prevents echo and feedback from call audio. There are nine assignable Sound Pads with four banks, 13 pre-loaded sounds including applause, laugh track and more.

Other features:

  • Six mic headphone outputs with individual volume controls
  • Onboard editing
  • 2-input, 2-output USB audio interface
  • Class-compliant mode for iOS compatibility
  • Battery power provides up to two hours of use with four AA batteries
  • Records directly to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards up to 512GB
  • Up to 16-bit /44.1kHz audio in BWF-compliant WAV or MP3 formats.