How to Easily Improve Podcasting Audio


Create high-quality audio on your first try with these podcasting audio tips. But, of course, all the best audio starts in the recording room, as no editing can turn lousy audio into polished one just about anywhere. 

To help you achieve that crisp and clear audio, we’ve made a list of equipment to improve the quality. Take note that these pieces of equipment are affordable and available at Photo Savings.

Invest in an XLR or USB Microphone 

XLR microphones generally provide an increased quality in audio interface due to their cables where unnecessary noises are suppressed. Meanwhile, USB microphones don’t need an audio interface that promotes convenience and portability. Podcasters need to invest in a high-quality microphone before anything else, so the editing needs are less than a crappy mic.


Using a mixer for your episodes can come a long way. It enhances the audio by cleaning up the poorer-sounding microphone, managing several input devices, and reducing post-production time through sound clips, voicemails, and music on the mix.

Pop Filter or Windscreen

How to remove harsh sounds from your audio? Well, a pop filter or windscreen can instantly improve your podcast. For example, the sharp sound of consonants from a microphone recording and airblast sounds are reduced impressively. In addition, it makes editing quicker when you have a pop filter or windscreen.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Headphones are a staple in any podcast kit. It comes in handy when you have interviews through Skype, Zencastr, or Squadcast so you can hear each other. In addition, a pair makes you a better podcaster as you can listen to yourself better and improve your mic technique. What’re more, noise-canceling headphones help make your editing easier. 

Recording or Editing Software

Recording or editing software improves the quality of any podcast episodes to make them engaging to the audience. Look for software that includes HD and 4K, has all-in-one editing features for audio and video files, caters to remote guest recordings, and is user-friendly for newbies to professionals.

Improve Podcasting Audio

It’s no secret that you can quickly improve podcasting audio with the right equipment. You can even create a high-quality podcast episode even as a newbie. Look at the Photo Savings podcast collection for unique tools to skyrocket your episodes.

See you on your next podcast!