A Beginners Guide To Audio Editing Software


Upgrading your audio software can turn your “passion project” into a full time career. Whether you're just getting started or you're already a professional- having reliable software makes all the difference. We broke down the basics of our favorite software packages and how they’ll change the game for you. 

What Are Audio Editing Basics?

Audio editing is the manipulation of sounds from original audio files. This is mostly used in musical arrangements, broadcasts, or soundtracks. Before modern tech, audio engineers are the ones who manually cut and splice analog tape. The main tasks of audio editing are: to change the position of clips, clean up noises and imperfections and refine a performance through manipulation.

What is the need for audio editing software?

The magic secret to great production is in the audio quality. Whether you're a podcaster or musician, your projects will only be as good as your editing skills. Here are some examples of our favorite programs and where you can get them.  

Auto-Tune Live Pitch Correction Software (Software Download)

This gives you pitch correction audio with extensive features like MIDI control and ultra-low latency for live performances. It also has an Auto-Tune Live tech where you can creatively modify the intonation of vocal performances in your studio or on stage.

DAC Dorico Pro 2 EE Crossgrade (Software Download)

With this DAC Dorico Pro 2, there are no audio manipulation limits. The audio editing workflow using this software is outstanding with features that are customizable, comprehensive, and user-friendly. You can write, engrave, play, print and export smoothly. This is best for beginner musicians.

Auralia 5 / Musition 5 Retail Single Bundle (Software Download)

This Auralia 5 / Musition 5 is loved in the classroom by music teachers. You can easily keep and assess records, create ear training, map out curriculum, and make some musical theory exercises for students. It has advanced tech that’s user-friendly too!

If you want to create an amazing listening experience, we highly recommend becoming a pro-audio editor. These options are a great place to start. For more information, tutorials and industry tips, check out our YouTube channel here and let us know in the comments which software is your favorite!