7 Podcast Show Ideas That Will Hook Your Audience

Whether you’re a rookie who wants to amplify their voice or an experienced host who is starting up a new journey, brainstorming the right niche for your podcast can be challenging, and even tedious at times. Being that podcasting has risen substantially in popularity over the last decade, there is certainly some tough competition out there that can make it hard to stand out. With the perfect podcast topic and format, as well as the right equipment from Photo Savings, you can easily elevate your presence in the minds of your listeners. Here are seven podcast subjects that can inject some brainstorming excitement into your future episodes.

1.Conspiracy Theories

Many people still believe in conspiracy theories with the hope that their views and points will be correct or accepted by the masses. Whether it's discussing your belief in alien life or your doubts behind a historical event, conspiracy theories are the best way to create engagement with podcast listeners and build up a loyal fan base that will want to tune in for each episode.

2. Reactions and Recaps of Television Shows and Movies

It's one thing to describe what happened on a television show or in a movie, but to give your own unfiltered thoughts is what gets the people going. Whether you're cracking jokes on some of the characters, sharing your outrage over a plot decision or breaking down some of the hidden messages and foreshadowing in each episode, audiences love tuning into engaging discussions over mutual interests.

3. Famous Guests That Aren’t So Recognized

Having a famous guest on your show is definitely a good way to expose your podcast to new listeners and fan bases based around that celebrity, but diving into a story that hasn't been told yet from another perspective is how you can reach viral potential. Of course having Beyonce or Mick Jagger would be incredible, but what about the people behind the scenes that have worked with them to make their image possible? Whether it's a writer from your favorite television show, a lawyer working on a famous case, or someone who had an uncredited hand in history, podcast listeners are tuning in for the unusual that they wouldn't find elsewhere.

4. Story-telling

Many podcasts are packed with debates, interviews or even exposing sessions, but telling stories in unique ways and from unique voices is certainly another way to hook your listeners. While your audience might not care for a typical interview style with a guest, try encouraging a story-telling session that will leave them wanting more.

5. Social Causes/Social Justice

Podcasts are typically used to emphasize voices, so many times, covering a social cause is right on brand for this form of entertainment. Taking a passionate stand on an issue might create conflict, but it will also create tons of discussion and engagement with listeners, whether they agree with your stances or not. Sometimes controversy is the best way to make a cause known in the first place.

6. Advice Column

Whether they admit it or not, people constantly need or seek advice on different issues and circumstances they deal with in life. From dating to career decisions, an advice column is always a good way to get engaged listeners and an even better way to build trust with your audience.

7. Obscure News/Headlines

Have you ever tried a Google search for your birthday along with with the phrase "Florida Man?" If you haven't, it's been a popular trend for many, as Florida is packed with insanely unique and strange incidents each year. Discussing obscure news is not only entertaining, but super informative for those who aren't paying attention to anything outside of the mainstream news cycle. Sometimes we all need a little distraction from what's happening right outside of our doors or a wake-up call that exposes it to us!

Hopefully this list has inspired some new podcast ideas you can brainstorm upon to take your current podcast or future podcast to the next level. Remember, what works for some won't work for others. Explore your personality and interests a bit to see what's right for your show.

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