5 Best Guitar Pedals for 2022

If you’re new to playing the guitar, this may be your first time playing around with effects and pedals. Guitar pedals are electronic devices that alter the sound of your instrument, making your playing sound like magic. Different pedals suit different needs, and that’s the magic of guitar pedals, known as a magic box of tricks. This equipment produces special effects like overdrive, delay, and other distortions to make your playing sound more interesting. The only problem with buying a new effects pedal is that there are so many great options. We’re here to help guide you through the market. Here are some of the best guitar pedals in 2022:

Jet Phaser Guitar Pedal

Think about the era of seventies music when you have a handy Jet Phaser Guitar Pedal. It is flexible and has a unique sound quality with additional fuzz sound to boot. Even Larry Graham, one of the famous American bassists and singers with bands Sly and The Family Stone and Graham Central Station, swore on this guitar pedal to produce psychedelic sounds.

Wampler VELVET FUZZ Guitar Pedal

The rock band Pink Floyd wouldn’t be complete without the exceptional guitar skills of David Gilmour. Capturing the same flare of Gilmour isn’t easy to do, but the Wampler VELVETFUZZ Guitar Pedal gives you a closer chance to it. The voicing switch is the key to a velvet tone, while the pedal reacts to provide it with a classic fuzz.

Foxgear Sinister Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

Foxgear Sinister Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal offers an amp-like distortion with an insane gain while focusing highly on bass frequencies. It’s great for a modern metal distortion for an aspiring rocker. You can even sculpt a unique metal tone and give it your twist. Plus, it has a multi-stage Class A FET, which opens your sound to a different metallic high.

Pigtronix Space Rip Guitar Synth Pedal

Do you know what’s impressive with Pigtronix Space Rip Guitar Synth Pedal? Besides its striking design, the Space Rip is lightning speed in keeping up with your fastest single notes. Bassists who use this guitar pedal call it state-of-the-art because of its pulse-width modulated (PWM) sawtooth and square wave voices in multiple octaves. We can safely say it tears the fabric of spacetime in half.

Wampler Pantheon Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

This guitar pedal is inspired by a legendary but discontinued Marshall Bluesbreaker Stompbox that follows a “transparent” path in its sound quality. You can also sense the modern functionality from the British tonal nuance, which boasts a powerful EQ section. The Wampler Pantheon Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal delivers a creamy and sweet punch to the harmony and overtone structure.

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