What are the Best Headphones for Mixing?


You can only create fantastic music with the right headphones, period.

Listening to music through the right headphones immerses you into the song you're listening to. It's impossible to hear up-close any track without headphones. Let yourself silence the unnecessary noise from your surroundings. Provide privacy that'll let you hear each tone, voice, or pitch of instruments flawlessly. In addition, quality headphones are designed to reveal any error in the sound captured.

Here's a rundown of the best mixing headphones made for music producers, aspiring or professional.

Sennheiser Pro Audio Headphones HD 300

DJs and music producers love to use the Sennheiser Pro Audio Headphones for daily use due to their excellent noise insulation. The noise outside dampens with its sturdy pair of wired over-ear headphones. Its earcup can fold and swivel, the headgear is adjustable, and imitation leather upholstery. 

Moreover, the Sennheiser HD 300 PROtect is entirely unfussy. The one-sided cable routing is on the left with L/R markings. It also has non-slip headphones that boast a "NoiseGuard" system that protects hearing from high levels above 110 dB as it complies with EU noise reduction of 86/188 / EEC.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Studio Headphones - Open

If you're looking for an excellent neutral listing headphone, then the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Studio Headphones are what you're looking for. High-resolution tracks are what music producers have a clear and crisp sound quality. At times the sound may be a bit sharp, but the treble range is emphasized along with the instruments reproduced with high fidelity.

Fluid Audio Focus Headphone for Playback SystemFL & Mixing

High-quality,studio-grade headphones are what Fluid Audio Focus offers. You'll have a semi-closed back with a sleek over-ear design. The 50mm neodymium magnet driver that's lightweight, which means it's responsive and comfortable for worry-free use for hours.

Additionally, the headphones allow mixing engineers broad mixer choices that create different mixes. You can even mix anywhere you want, as it doesn't need physical monitors or professional mixing equipment. 

Audix A145 Headphones for Studio with Extended Bass

What makes the Audix A145 stand out from the rest? Well, it has to do with the bass. Using Audix recreates the experience of recording in a studio anywhere. It offers a clear midrange, balanced and accurate sound reproduction, tight bass, and high-performance drivers.

Moreover, it has a 45mm driver that offers linear response through the frequency range. As a result, it's the perfect headphones for mixing, recording and critical listening.

Best Headphones for Mixing

Finding the perfect headphones is tedious for those who don't look in trusty music stores. Photo Savings offers a wide range of the best headphones for mixing. You can choose the gadget that fits your level and needs. So whether you're a simple music lover or a high-class pro, the online store provides you with anything you need in terms of music.

Did we miss a pair of headphones that you use and love? Let us know in the comments.

Happy mixing!

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