Photo Savings COVID-19 Response

In 2019 no one was able to tell what 2020 would bring. A year of unknown, uncertainty a year of unidentified information. As we are in year 2021 we are still in for surprises.


When the pandemic hit we were certain with only the uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives, our economy and nearly every corner of the globe. It has sickened more than 173 million people worldwide.


 As business closed down and people starting staying home,  all of the vendors have kept all orders on hold wanting to see how things will unfold but as more and more people started being locked into their homes to insure safety the demand for home activates have increased immensely, including  our Pro Audio and musical instruments department, so while supply was descending and the appeal for more expanded, there was a shortage which was like never before.   


Matters have turned for the worse when there was a fire at AKM, the manufacture that manufactures loads of chips for audio equipment have caused major delays in the tough industry.


As we are starting to get back to our old lives, the difficulty of shipping lines have worsened. The prices have risen more than 300%. Even with the lofty price, there is a large shortage in slots on the ships, so that causes the price for all imported goods to be tight and cost inflating.


As we are going in more in the year of 2021 with an abundance backordered items and margin squeezed, we are not expecting much discounts through the holiday season. We are hoping to be able to have stock and supply


At Photo Savings, we are here to help you and offer you two payment options, which you will benefit when  ordering a product.  First option is Quad pay- You split up your payment in 4 equal payments. Second option is Affirm- A 12-month payment plan.

Due to shortage, if you see a guitar or equipment you dream of, in stock, just go for it and enjoy the benefits of buy no and paying in installments.

Unfortunately, we expect no tremendous discounts this year but fortunate are we that we can still offer some discounts if you email CS@PHOTOSAVINGS.COM. You can also be updated for any upcoming discounts by joining our mailing list and follow our social media outlets.



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