Mini, Mobile, And Instant: These Pocket-Size Smartphone Photo Printers Are the Latest Craze


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mini portable smartphone pocket printer

Even though we are living in a digital world - especially when it comes to photos,  (think Facebook and Instagram uploads) physical photos in either frames or albums still have their place on walls, coffee tables and in our hearts.

But with more and more people relying on their phones instead of laptops or desktops as their means of “connectivity”, the home printer is becoming less common and in some ways obsolete.  We are used to everything being so compact and mobile. My phone, acts as not just my phone, but a camera for photos and videos, a notebook, a computer and a gaming console. Who has time or space for other things like a bulky printer?

This mental move to the compact, the smaller is the new bigger mentality, has paved the way for us to welcome this amazingly fun new concept - the pocket printer.

A pocket printer, sometimes known as a portable photo printer, compact photo printer or snapshot printer, is a stand-alone printer designed to produce 4×6 or 2×3 inch prints from smartphones and digital cameras. It works without the use of a computer - perfect for transforming our smartphone to yet another level of efficiency and productivity all while staying compact and portable!

At first I thought, hey this is a cute gimmick.  Like baby Nike shoes or those Power Wheels cars. Big boy items shrunk down are fun and cute.  But would I ever use it? Would it last? Is it worth it? Yes. Yes. Yes.

If you are like me, and would enjoy having a hard copy, tangible picture, (and if you need reasons or ideas on why, please leave a comment and I’ll start listing them) then to be able to print without being tied to a cord or lose half my desk to a printer is a win-win in my book.  

Two popular and highly rated pocket printers are the FujiFilm Instax Share and the Canon Ivy.


The Instax Share SP-2  (this version is my personal fav!!)  lets you quickly and easily print photos from a smartphone (via Wi-Fi,) onto Fujifilm's vivid, colorful Instax instant film. There's no ink involved as this tiny printer uses an internal array of OLEDs to expose your image onto the film.  To some this is merely the next step in technological evolution, to others, it’s utter magic. Either way, the results are stunning.


Easily portable (approx 101 mm  42 mm x 122) this pocket printer lets you set up a photo booth anywhere.  Imagine the ease in decorating your house or the fun that can be had at parties, dinners and other events when you walk in and instantly print your way to being the highlight of the night with this cost efficient - space saving photo booth!

Check out some of our picks:

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Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer - Black

Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (Silver)

Canon Ivy Mini Mobile Photo Printer (Rose Gold) with Canon 2 x 3 Zink Photo Paper and Microfiber Cloth

canon ivy



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Really cool. I actually got one of these. I wasn’t sure at first if it was practical, like am I really going to carry this pocket printer around with me in my pocket? But I totally love it and bring it with me or have it in my car or bag. It’s a lot of fun. I got the Canon Ivy. It actually is pocket size and you can really carry it around in your pocket. I don’t know about others. It’s crazy that we used to go to those photo booths in the mall and get so excited about taking our picture and now the whole photo booth fits in your pocket. Very good point from the article.

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