How a Professional Camera Can Improve Your Instagram

Instagram is one of the powerful tools we have to share some aspects of our life with friends, family and sometimes even strangers. Whether you have a personal account to share memories with friends and family, or a business account to boost engagement with your target audience, having a consistent feed aesthetic, along with high quality imagery can help make your posts that much more engaging. These days, almost everyone uses their smartphones for their photos, and with the quality of contemporary smartphone cameras, it’s easy to see why; however, here at Photo Savings, we think there are a lot of good reasons to use a high quality camera and equipment to boost your feed’s quality. Read on to learn more about the various potential benefits of treating yourself and your feed to professional-level imagery.


1. Picture Quality

Photos from a smartphone rarely produce a crisp quality as well as a DSLR camera. Compare the picture quality of an image taken from a smartphone with that of a DSLR camera, and you’ll see an enormous difference. DSLR cameras offer more versatility than smartphone cameras. They have a variety of settings to ensure excellent images for even the toughest shots. Trying to capture a picture in a poorly lit room? DSLR cameras can accommodate the low exposure. Attempting a picture at a beach midday? DSLR cameras can also accommodate the over exposure.

2. Shutter

Smartphones only come with an electronic shutter and display. This is perfectly fine for selfies and stationary poses; however, it poses more of a challenge to shoot fast-moving objects. Even if you use an external flash, it still won’t produce significant results. DSLR cameras have lenses with variable focal length and aperture, allowing them to regulate the amount of light that enters the camera, ensuring better quality images all around, but especially for images with moving subjects.

3. Flash

Lighting is an important aspect of photography. Some smartphones come with LED flash, but the LED flashlight is not as bright as the Xenon flashlights, which can only be found in DSLR cameras. They cannot cover large areas as large, meaning the DSLR flash has more to offer for shots that go beyond stationary posing and still life.

4. Versatility

Part of the beauty of using a DSLR camera is that you can use different lenses to achieve different perspectives with your photography. This can be useful for taking artistic shots with lenses such as fisheye lenses, which have a focal length as low as 8mm to 14mm. It can also be useful for optimizing your portrait photography by using a 50mm lens. The interchangeability of the lens gives the users the ability customize their camera settings with a specific shot in mind.

5. Viewing Angle

A DSLR camera lens has a 360-degree viewing angle which gives it a versatile field of vision. With smartphones, the viewing angle is limited because of the fixed focal length, restricting the quality of the images, especially ones utilizing zoom capabilities. If you are into a specific mode of photography such as street photography, portrait photography or wildlife photography, using a smartphone will hinder your ability to get a high quality image.

In conclusion, DSLR cameras are easily the best option for a higher quality Instagram feed. The more limited features of smartphones limit the amount of experimentation and versatility you have as a photographer, whereas DSLR cameras can help make your favorite memories a little more crisp and a little more polished.

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