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4 Steps to creating a DIY Home Photography Studio

It may be difficult to work from home when your workplace is normally an expensive studio space. The good news is that even if you’re not back at work yet, you don’t have to put your creativity on hold. We put together some of our best tips to have a photo shoot from your own home.

1.) Get a white sheet

DIY Home Photography Studio

The ideal situation would be a blank white wall in your home. But if you don’t have a blank wall readily available, the next step is to remove anything off of the wall. If that’s not possible, just get a white sheet! We recommended hanging the sheet from the ceiling and draping it over the floor.

  • Pro tip: Steam the sheet beforehand. The wrinkles in the sheet can reflect light and ultimately create an unflattering photo.

2.) Set up near a window.

DIY Home Photography Studio

 You have probably heard it before, but, natural light can be the most flattering way to brighten a photo. However, if you're using natural light, we advise against adding artificial lights to the mix. When using both, it can be difficult to properly white balance the image.

To avoid using artificial lights, plan the photo shoot at the beginning of the day so you’ll have a decent amount of hours for a properly lit shoot. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about racing against the sunlight and rush your shoot.

  • Pro tip: If the sun is ever too harsh during the shoot, you can soften the light by placing a sheer white curtain or thin sheet over the window.

Something you’ll probably miss the most from a typical photo studio is the space. Artificial light is easier to control in a large studio. So, when you’re in a smaller space with low ceilings, sticking to the natural light from a window is best.

3.) Find a stool

DIY Home Photography Studio

Even the one prop you need the most is optional. If you're doing a portrait, we recommend a small stool for your subject to sit on. If you want to add more to the shoot, you can thrift or purchase materials to decorate your backdrop. Your best bet is searching D.I.Y photo backdrops – there are super simple ways to add a little fun to your shoot.

4.) Purchase a light reflector

If you do end up using artificial light during your shoot, you’ll thank yourself for purchasing a light reflector. Reflectors are pretty self explanatory as they reflect and bounce light in the photo.

However, if that’s not quite in your budget, no worries! You can also use an umbrella. An umbrella is the most affordable light modifier. It helps soften the light from the flash. The downside is that it's more difficult to control the light with an umbrella as compared to other reflectors and diffusers.

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