digital photography self-care guide

Investing in a digital camera is a big step in any photographer’s journey, but maintaining it’s quality is another job in itself. Making sure that the heart of your creative eye and photography equipment is capturing crystal clear images and staying dirt-free can be difficult if you aren’t attentive enough. In most cases, DSLR and mirrorless camera issues stem from lack of proper cleaning and care. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here are the most essential digital camera maintenance tips to keep your equipment in the best working condition to provide top quality photos.

digital camera photography sand

Avoid dirt, sand and small grains/pebbles.

Even if you’re planning on keeping your camera above ground, it’s still smart to invest in a carrying case that seals properly. We’re all for savings on photography equipment, but don’t let some penny pinching leave you with a damaged camera!

Removing dirt and sand requires gentle care.

Everyone who goes to the beach knows just how easy it is for sand to get stuck in places, and experiences photographers can tell you how just one grain can ruin your equipment. Do not use pressurized air to clean the sand, but instead, gently blow out the grit and sand. Try to avoid opening the battery compartment while shooting on a windy day, especially at beach and areas where debris blows into the free air.

camera digital photography wet

Keep liquids away!

This should go without saying, but some may not realize that most cameras are not water-proof. Try to keep all liquids away from your device unless it’s sealed in a waterproof case. However, if you find that you need to clean your lens with a cleaning liquid, place just a few drops on your microfiber cloth before wiping.

Use neck straps and wrist loops.

All it takes is one slip, one drop or one bump from someone or something to lose your grip on your camera. Be sure to fasten it onto your body with a strap or loop so you don’t find your equipment shattering on the ground.

camera digital photography lens

Lenses and sun don’t mix.

Think of your lens like you would your skin out on a sunny beach. Sunlight that is focused through the lens of the camera could easily damage the image sensor.

Always note the temperature.

While you should avoid sunlight directly hitting your camera and lens, you should also avoid extreme cold weather as well, as it could damage the LCD. If you’re in a high-humidity scenario, be careful, as this can easily cause moisture to get cause inside the camera.

digital photography camera lens clean

Do not touch the lens or the LCD.

Oils from your skin can smudge your lens and LCD, but if you do find your equipment needing a wipe down, use your microfiber cloth to clean them as soon as possible.

Cleaning should also apply to your case as well.

Dirt and sand inside of your camera bag or case can also damage your camera, so be sure to clean out or vacuum the bag regularly to keep it free of dust, dirt and sand in order to protect your camera.

Check out our infograph below for your own safe-keeping to keep these tips in mind throughout your photography journey. Happy shooting!

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