4 Essential Upgrades for Your Home-Studio

By Jotham Lloyd and Jessica McMahon

So, you have a home recording studio? That’s great!

We bet you bought all the basics, such as a computer, headphones, microphone and even some recording software. Now that you have successfully built a studio, it’s time for you to have an upgrade, and here are four easy yet very important pieces you should re-invest in. 

1. Update Your USB Microphone

Pristine and studio-quality sound might be the most important part of your recording. This Yeti USB Microphone has four patterns that allow you to record podcasts, vocals, interviews, musical instruments, and audio for videos. The best part is how you are in total control of your audio with this type of microphone.

2. Mix it Up With a New Recording Mixer

We know you want your home recording studio to flourish over time, but you can’t do that with limited pieces of equipment. If you’re going to get your hands dirty in the professional world of audio production, you need a DJ Mixer to play with. This equipment helps you manipulate and control different audio signals with the velocity-sensitive keys, plus provides control over your software. If you want something durable and can last long, we are big fans of the all-new Tascam All-In-One Mixing Studio.


3.  Add a Multitrack Video Recorder

Every musician needs something as handy as a multitrack video recorder to capture long rehearsals or help you with those epic at-home performances. More so, it would help if you choose a hot video recorder that changes to different scene modes like monochrome, outdoor, jazz, and more. If it also has a fixed-focus feature and a wide-angle lens, that's a bonus we could all use.

4. Let There Be (LED) Lights

Since you're here, you probably have everything you absolutely need to get started, but what kind of home recording studio doesn’t have awesome LED lights? Adding fun lighting will not only add to your studio aesthetics, but also make those video recordings look professional, with any camera. A good one to start with is this ADJ Mega Bar. It’s a good investment, especially if you want your studio performances to come alive on-screen. Thats right, no more grainy videos for you.

There you have it! These are all the ways you can update your home recording studio. Upgrading the equipment you have doesn’t have to be expensive, but the functionality and durability should always be present. You can check out the Photo Savings list of the pro audio catalog for more choices.

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