9 Mesmerizing Postcard Locations in Santorini, Greece

Best known for its breathtaking golden sunsets, stunning caldera views and unique architecture, Santorini has been deemed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world over the centuries. Between the majestic ocean and nooks of the town, there are plenty of opportunities to capture unique images that emulate the beauty of the Greek city.

If you have been dreaming of bucket list-worthy trip to Europe with your camera, you'll need take full advantage of shooting opportunities if you make it to this travel gem. Take a look at our guide below to see the 10 best postcard-worthy spots you need to visit for your epic photography journey in Santorini.

red beach santorini

1. Red Beach

Making for a rare beach environment, Akrotiri’s Red Beach has been a famous location for its hanging red lava cliffs, red sand and pebbles over a gorgeous blue ocean backdrop.

2. Oia’s Blue Dome Churches

The most ideal time to capture an iconic postcard shot of Oia’s famous Blue Dome Churches is during the sunset’s golden hour. Grab your camera and find the best angle of the sun going down behind these distinctive pieces of architecture.

caldera view

3. Imerovigli’s Caldera View

Imerovigli is a town between Oia and Fira where you can witness the impressive sunset making its way down past the horizon as it reflects over the Caldera.

4. Oia’s Pink House

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful cliff views, you may want to stay in this famous Oia home. The Pink Cave Houses of Santorini feature a 3-story terrace with Caldera Sea sightings and flawless cycladic architecture.

perissa beach

5. Perissa Beach

Also known as "Black Beach," Perissa Beach is another extraordinary photo location boasting its one-of-a-kind volcanic sand. The grains of the sand actually carry a black hue, which is where this popular sight gets its nickname from. You can check out Tranquilo Bar, located on the beach front to add some cool and vibrant shots to your portfolio.

6. Amoudi Bay

Offering a harming port and the main source of the best caldera views,there's no question as to why Amoudi Bay is recognized in nearly every Santorini travel book. You’ll fall in love with its beauty much more when you're able to capture it on your camera in real life.

Atlantis Books

7. Atlantis Books

Are you a book worm? This adorable little bookshop tucked in the basement of a white house in Oia may be out of the ordinary, but its cozy pockets and abundance of colorful book covers make for an eye-capturing photo subject.

8. Vallas Cafe

This little cafe seems typical, but wait until you lay your camera on an old, wooden boat rested on top of a white roof across the way. This location is where you can see and photograph this interesting piece with the outstanding caldera as your backdrop. 

9. Nikolau Nomikou

Regarded as the central pedestrian square of Santorini, Nikolau Nomikou is a tourist hub, but well-known for its colorful shops and cafes. This is also an excellent places to capture the busy life in a city located in paradise.

 If you're a beginner photographer and gearing up for your next big trip, be sure to check out our complete travel photography guide.

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