7 Entrancing Sights You Need to Photograph in Paris, France

While it's more widely known as the city of love and one of the most romantic places on Earth, Paris, France is also quite a photogenic city. Aside from its most established, iconic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe, there are many other options to capture unique images and experience the beauty of French culture. From sizable gardens and courtyards to cathedrals and night spots, check out Photo Savings' list of seven sights you need to photography in Paris below.

petit palais paris france

1. Petit Palais

Dating back to the 1900s, Petit Palais has been an architectural stunner in Paris to both locals and tourists. It houses the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts, displaying masterpieces by Rembrandt, Monet, Gauguin and more. The edifice is a work of art in itself as the façade features an opulently gilded gate and structures around its archivolt. It also has a small courtyard that lends a charming atmosphere to the museum’s medieval collection.

paris pantheton france

2. Paris Pantheon

Modeled after the Roman Pantheon, the impressive Paris Pantheon is as well-worth a visit as its predecessor. It serves as the resting place for some historical personalities such as Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Pierre Curie, just to name a few. With its arched ceilings and magnificent architecture, it’s definitely one of the most riveting sights to capture in the city.

hotel de ville paris city hall france

3. Hotel de Ville

Who would have thought that a government building would be a picturesque setting for a whimsical photo? With its long history of being destroyed and reconstructed, Paris’ City Hall has quite a classic feel of reliving the Neo-Renaissance of eras past. You’d also be quite lucky to catch some events in its courtyard, like amusement rides or a skating rink during the Christmas season.

 saint-chappelle paris frnace

4. Saint-Chapelle

Saint-Chapelle is located in the royal palace on the Île de la Cité. It was originally constructed in the early 13th century. Its Gothic architecture houses an extensive collection of dazzling stained glass windows that spreads over 6600 square feet. The bright colors, unique backdrop and dim lighting provide an intricate backdrop for your photos.

moulin rouge paris france

5. Moulin Rouge

Veering away from the religious and political sites, Moulin Rouge is a fun photo spot with its hard-to-miss red windmill. The famous night venue was the inspiration behind the Hollywood movie of the same name, and is where the can-can was said to have originated. Today, it’s a cabaret bar where tourists frequent for a fun night out. It is best photographed at night when it’s lit up in all of its glory.

Jardin de Louxemberg pris france

6. Jardin du Luxembourg

Inspired by the Boboli Gardens of the prominent Medici family in Florence, Italy, Jardin du Luxembourg is a haven for outdoor photographers. The garden is home to over a hundred statues, a grand fountain, and an orangerie. The greenery and landscape will certainly add depth and texture to your photographs.

montmarte paris france

7. Le Clos Montmarte

If you’re after the quirky vibe of the city, one of the most gorgeous places you can visit in Paris is Le Clos Montmarte. This concealed part of Paris also encompasses a fascinating vineyard on a hill, the last one remaining in the city. Though it’s not easily accessible to the public on a regular day, the best time to visit is on Fête des Vendanges, which takes place in October. It’s a festival that’s open to everyone so you’ll be able to have the full experience of the lively and vibrant Montmartre.

Those are some must-see spots in Paris, France that you can add to your photography bucket list. Traveling to another major city? Check out our travel photography blog to see if we've covered your next destination. Let us know which ones you want us to explore next!

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