6 Photo Savings Products You Need to Prepare for Your Year Abroad

Now that we’re in the thick of Back to School season, most students are currently preparing their first time stops and returns to school, whether it’s undergraduate or college. Some lucky and more adventurous students, however, are gearing up to take their education to a whole different country as they study abroad this year.

Packing a bag while relocating can be overwhelming, but we’re giving you a new checklist to make sure you have all of the products you need to take on the lengthy trip. Whether you want to be able to hear your favorite songs at the highest quality during those long commutes or capture your memories with detail and precision, Photo Savings has got you covered. Take a look at six of the essential products we recommend you pack along to prepare for your year abroad.

1. Canon IVY Cliq+ Instant Camera Printer

The new Canon IVY Cliq+ has tons of features that make this compact camera the best for traveling. This point-and-shoot camera, which contains an internal printer to instantly make any captured memory become tangible, comes with a 32 GB card, photo paper, a case, as well as a table tripod.

2. Canon Vixia HF R800 HD Camcorder

The Canon Vixia HF R800 HD Camcorder will be able to capture every moment in some of the highest quality possible. The sleek black appearance keeps the camera discrete, while the slim size makes it easy to carry. Our bundle comes with a 64G SD Card, a straight flash bracket, an LED light kit, a case and a table tripod.

3. Audio Technica ATH-SR5BK On-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones

Sometimes headphones can be a bit on the bulky side when it comes to packing convenience, but the Audio Technica ATH-SR5BK headphones are the tightly packed, lightweight choice. The sleek on-ear product comes with a durable and detachable smartphone cable that comes with a remote to control volume and microphone placement.

4. Earebel Lifestyle ‘Turo’ Headphones with Wireless Studio-Quality Headphones & Speakerphone

For those of you looking for a sneaky, hands free headphones option that goes with your outfit, the Earebel Lifestyle series is the way to go. Coming in multiple styles and colors, the headphones are placed inside of the headband, keeping your ears warm and playing your favorite tunes at the same time. You can also sport them in a beanie look.

5. Tascam MiniStudio US-32 USB Podcasting Broadcast Audio Interface

For those of you that frequently record broadcasts, want to orally document your travel journey with a podcast series or just want to spice up their recorded conversations, the Tascam MiniStudio is the perfect selection. Not only is this interface portable and easy to use, but its compact size may not make it the largest item you decide to ship with you.

6. Numark PT101 Scratch Portable DJ Turntable with Headphones and Cable Accessories (Bundle)

For DJs on the move, and those who want to experiment with sound, the Numark PT101 is a durable, portable turntable that can be powered by battery for on-the-go sets. Whether you're performing for a crowd of people or an empty dorm room, test your ultimate skills with our headphones and cable bundle.

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