15 Places in London Where You Can Take Breathtaking Photographs

Welcome to Photo Savings' new city photography tour series, where we highlight the best snapshot spots of different major cities around the globe. Whether it's capturing exotic fish images in the tropics or stumbling upon a hidden gem in the streets of Europe, there's tons of potential for extraordinary photography out there and we've got you covered. Our first city stop is in London, England.

From pastel houses, royal palaces, historic museums and vibrant tea houses,  to lush gardens and quaint little alleyways, it's no wonder that London is hailed as one of the world’s prettiest cities. Carrying a unique European culture, London boasts a long list of grand tourist attractions and gorgeous views that will definitely leave anyone in awe.

Whether your heart and camera desires nature, art, architecture or afternoon tea, here is a guide to 15 incredible sites to explore with your camera in the United Kingdom’s beautiful capital city:

notting hill london

1.Notting Hill Houses at Lancaster Street

Who could ever forget the famous Notting Hill movie? Ever since Hollywood fans watched Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts fall in love on-screen, this wealthy area of vibrant houses and Pinterest-worthy doors has become a major tourist attraction in the city. If you find yourself strolling through the lively streets, be sure to take some shots of the visually-appealing homes.

2. Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge Rd

This iconic symbol in the London skyline is proof of how majestic Victorian civil engineering has become. Did you know that you can see a unique view of the city if you climb to the top of the tower bridge? It may be the best place to capture the entire city!

3. Peggy Porschen Parlour, Belgravia

How could you not stop by this pretty pink pastel coffee shop on 116 Ebury Street? The number of Instagram posts tagged at this location alone shows how popular Peggy Porschen Parlour is. Their food prices may be a bit stiff, but the decors and view are absolutely worth it.

primrose hill london

4. Stunning Sunrise at Primrose Hill

Capturing the sunrise in a busy city like London can be a bit challenging because of its rapidly-changing skyline. If you want to get the best shot, you have to find the best location, which may be in the North East. While many people go to South East London to chase the lovely sunrise, the North East displays the daybreak over the city while night lights are still glowing bright. Why wouldn't you want to take some pictures as you enjoy your cup of morning coffee?

5. Shoreditch

Are you a fan of street art? You should head over to Shoreditch, which is one of London’s vivacious locations where you can find some of the city’s outstanding graffiti.

6. Eel Pie Island

If you're up for mixing wildlife with a nightlife setting, you can find them blending on this tiny island on the River Thames.  The special location, which can be reached by boat, is famous for the Eel Pie Island Hotel, which has become a popular venue for musical and dancing events.

kew gardens london

7. Kew Gardens

Situated in Southwest London, Kew Gardens is a wonderful, tranquil place to enjoy the vast bed of flowers amidst its 300-acre land. Stop and smell the flowers before you check out some of the eye-catching houses in the neighborhood.

8. Churchill Arms, Kensington

Churchill Arms isn't your average London pub, as it's famous for its hanging baskets, tubs and flower-pots. You might also be fascinated by its inside, as it features a Thai garden with the flowers transforming into Christmas trees during the holiday season.

9. Soho

Similar to the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, this Soho in London is a must-visit place for those who are looking for cute vintage shops and specialty stores. It has a colorful neighborhood perfect for unique photos and some of the city’s most fashionable clubs.

 neal's yard london

10. Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

Neal’s Yard is one of the favorite go-to places of youngsters in London because of the popular Neal’s Yard Remedies flagship store. There are also several cafes and open air bars that can be found, which could result in some rare photo finds.

11. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden

Do you love flowers? You will fall in love with nearly 12,000 roses found in Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, which is truly a perfect place to take some Instagram-worthy photos. 

12. Richmond Park

Getting to Richmond Park requires much effort but when you get there, be ready to grab the camera as brushing fields, rich forests, and herds of deer are waiting for you to witness in this vast, splendid wilderness.

peace pagoda london

13. The Peace Pagoda, Battersea Park

Located right beside the Thames, The Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park is a sacred place with breath-taking views. This structure was offered to the people of London by the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order to promote peace all over the city, providing a spiritual vibe with beautiful camera opportunities.

14. Brydges Place, Covent Garden

London is packed with little streets and alleyways, but Brydges Place takes the cake. The road is the narrowest at 15 inches wide, and has a length of 200 yards, connecting St Martin's Lane with Bedfordbury in Covent Garden.

15. Little Venice, Paddington

Given its name by poet Robert Browning, this oasis of peace and serenity is where you can also find dozens of boats and water cafés with mansions as a gorgeous backdrop. Don’t miss a chance to capture some images at the floating art gallery and hotel boat as well.

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