The Truth About Auto-Tuning

Similar to grammar checkers or photo editing programs, auto-tune software has its share of pros and cons. Musicians, producers, and even fans are in hot debate about the use of auto-tune. Is it musically-enhancing? Some critics criticize artists who heavily use the software while others appreciate its creative capabilities.

In today’s pop music, auto-tune hit songs seem to be the norm but the question still lies: is auto-tune good or bad?

Pros and Cons of Auto-tune

To auto-tune or not to auto-tune, that is the question. How popular the use of autotune is nowadays is measured by whether it became a trending subject among music artists and enthusiasts. And yes, IT IS trending. To break down the indecisiveness, let's take a look at auto-tune pros and cons.


It can correct a singer's unsteady pitch and bad notes
It helps to uncompromise the emotional value of a song
It makes artists sound pitch-perfect
It creates a high production quality without the need for multiple repeats


Artist credibility and talent is often questioned

Some critics tend to question the skills and talents of a singer who uses auto-tune

Here's the truth: Everything has pros and cons, and that includes auto-tune. We can't dismiss the hi-tech software with only one result, but the bottom line is, don't abuse this magnificent technology as that can destroy your credibility. There's nothing wrong with utilizing an auto-tune as long as you're not changing your real voice. Remember, anything that's too much is bad. And yes, you can use auto-tune in your record. That's not a crime.

How Auto-Tune Works

Now that we have cleared up the pros and cons (with pros winning), let's tackle its functionality.

Auto-tune users manually set a reference point that includes specific notes or scales. The editor uses a rate to cue a digital correction. This rate makes a voice sound natural and smooth. Some artists like to have fun with the modification creating a robotic effect on their voices. Some of the biggest artists today, such as Lady Gaga, T-Pain, and even Jay-Z at some point used auto-tune for their songs.

Digitized voices are now all the rage in hip-hop, pop, and reggae which give artists quick and hit-worthy music. You can find a free auto-tune app, but that doesn't promise quality. Instead, purchase affordable auto-tune software for your computer for a sure high-quality recording.

All in all, auto-tuning is not bad, but musicians and producers should use it moderately. With that, having reliable auto-tuning software is the key to a high-quality performance without compromising the emotional value. Shop our full collection of Auto-tune software here!