How To Prep for a Live Performance

There are two types of musicians- those who record, and those who perform. Taking the stage sounds like a huge leap for some. Even the some of worlds most famous rock stars get nervous before a performance. The key to making sure you’re prepared? Keep reading to find out!

Hone Your Skills 

Just like the adage says: Practice makes perfect. Dedication and commitment to honing your craft are essential, besides passion. When you focus on enhancing your skills and perfecting your performance, confidence will follow.

Choose the Right Songs

This is one of the important tips for stage performances. Choosing the right songs means knowing you’re not playing for yourself. It means understanding your audience. You should also note what kind of place you are performing at (bar, restaurant, open-air, concert hall, etc.). Be sure to create a set list that won’t be too tiring.

Invest in Good Equipment

Chose an instrument that sounds amazing outdoors. Whether you’re playing a ukulele, guitar, violin, keyboard, or drums, you should make sure your instruments tonal abilities can sustain a performance. It’s also a good idea to invest in top quality instrument microphones.

Talk to Your Sound Engineer

Your sound engineer is the person you’ll rely on to help make your performance outstanding. Communication is the key to making you shine. How you sound is half the sound engineer’s doing, so be sure to set clear expectations.

Give Yourself the Freedom to Make Mistakes

Don’t go too hard on yourself! Instead, accept that you may have a technical error during a live performance. The great thing about mistakes on stage is that most of the time, no one knows except for you. Enjoying yourself on stage, or at least making it look like you are, is important. Crowds respond to a performers energy- so have fun!

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